20th Sep, 2017

Reformed criminal reaches out to offenders 'beyond the cell wall' to clampdown on re-offending

Aisling Kiely 23rd Sep, 2016 Updated: 21st Oct, 2016

A REFORMED criminal has wiped the slate clean and is reaching out to offenders from ‘beyond the cell wall’ in a bid to clamp-down on re-offending.

The ex-offender, who committed a string of drug and fraud-related offences during his youth, decided to write words of advice to criminals who find themselves behind bars.

The message reads: “When I was sitting here, I thought I’d keep coming back… it was just meant to be that way.

“We do things for all sorts of reasons: because mates did it, we got angry, it felt good, or we just didn’t think.

“But when I was last here I realised what I do is my choice and it’s time I chose something else.

“When I left I said I’d do things differently.

“It took effort but it paid off.

“The first step is the hardest so make it a small one.”

Inspired by the initiative, West Midlands Police have joined forces with psychologists to trial ways to discourage criminals from re-offending and cut crime rates.

Chief Superintendent Alex Murray said a plan needs to be put in place to rehabilitate suspects whilst they are detained in cells.

She added: “Managing offenders and working with our partners in housing, health and social services to break habitual criminality is crucial.

“If we can ‘nudge’ people into changing behaviours and reduce re-offending then it has to be embraced.

“Small changes alone may not make a huge difference but the cumulative effect of many nudges can mean less victims of crime and that is what West Midlands Police is all about

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