LETTERS: Your discussion from across the borough in this week's Observer - The Solihull Observer

LETTERS: Your discussion from across the borough in this week's Observer

Solihull Editorial 29th Apr, 2018   0


Further to the letter last week asking what the heck happened in Dorridge Park – has anyone seen what they’ve done at Elmdon Park and the extent of the devastation of the woodland there. Most of the pathways forged over centuries of use, have been rendered impassable by what the parks department at Solihull Council have allowed to happen either by neglect or lack of caring. They had the money given them by the European Parliament who had nothing better to do with it than instruct ‘only native trees should exist in our Solihull woodlands.’ And of course it’s not challenged – but doggedly obeyed. Huge swathes of healthy trees cut down – the tracks of the logging machinery leaving massive mud welts throughout what was once a natural terrain. There’s been the beginning of new planting in the woods – lots of plastic put around the fragile stems and then – am I right – they are planting them too close together – probably because they bought too many trees, flush with the money, and don’t know what to do with them all? The whole thing is nuts. And immensely upsetting to walkers and users of our parks that our Leader Bob Sleigh proudly states were awarded Green Flags. Solihull parks department officers – what were you thinking? Whoever approved this work and didn’t see it through properly at Solihull Council should have their butts hauled over the coals about this. Someone is answerable.

Have you walked around our once beautiful parks and woods and seen what you’ve allowed to happen? Shame on you. And shame on the European Parliament for wasting our money this way when there’s so much better it could have been used for.

Angry Lover of Solihull Parks.

MP Julian Knight appears to be toeing the party line and ignoring the role of impending Brexit in JLR’s sudden decision to cut in its workforce by 10 per cent. Let us not forget that locally based airline Monarch failed last year following a huge rise in fuel prices due to the collapse of the pound after referendum. Who can fail to notice the unprecedented number of empty shops in Solihull town centre reflecting the collapse of consumer confidence.

The best way Mr Knight can assist JLR workers who have already lost their jobs, and those others at risk, would be to push for the UK to be in a customs union with the EU. This would provide some certainty and help restore confidence. To fail to do so would be fiddling while Rome burns. As Chancellor Philip Hammond said, “nobody voted to be poorer” – surely something to be borne in mind.

Mr Knight needs to distance himself from the fanatical fringe of the Conservatives who are obsessed with the most damaging interpretation of Brexit and who are perfectly happy to drastically shrink the British economy. MPs are meant to put country and constituency ahead of party.

There may not be a General Election until 2022, but the electorate has an opportunity send a message to the complacent and reckless Conservatives in next week’s local elections.

Mark Wheatley, Solihull

I am sure that most Solihull Observer readers share my anger and shame at the treatment of thousands of our fellow UK citizens that moved here from the Caribbean.

Many of them made their home here in the West Midlands. They have given a life time of service employed in the NHS, our schools, offices and factories.

At the end of the war in 1945 the British government did its utmost to recruit Caribbean workers to help rebuild our economy and public services.

Some of those interviewed on television said they had to report to the Solihull Immigration office and were threatened with deportation. One was forced to leave his job as an ambulance driver.

Hopefully these same immigration offices will now be doing all they can to provide the help and support these people deserve.

Justice demands they are fully compensated for the costs and suffering they have endured.

It is a very shocking reminder of the vital importance of open and accountable government.

Phil Beyer Solihull


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