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Why Trading is So Popular in 2022?

Correspondent 5th Oct, 2022   0

In the past few years, our society has become a whole lot more interested in trading. We see more and more people getting involved in investments, researching different markets, and studying the history of stocks in an attempt to predict their future prices. This sudden surge in popularity has prompted many to ask, “Why now?”

The answer consists of numerous points. The first and foremost is the fact that trading has simply become a lot more available to most people. For a long time, access to the stock market was a privileged, available only for business insiders, brokers, bankers, CEOs of major companies, etc. However, that has all changed. Nowadays, anyone can take part in trading, in large part thanks to discount brokerages and online trading sites.

The Availability of Trading

For those who may not know, online brokerages are establishments that have the exact same function as standard brokerages. However, as the name suggests, they operate at a discount. This makes them a lot more accessible to average, everyday people. It is thanks to these establishments that more people today can participate in the stock, commodity, and currency markets and make some extra cash.

However, it is not just discount brokerages that have contributed to the popularization of trading. Online trading websites, like the one found here, have also had an invaluable influence on the market. Thanks to these websites, people can access the market from anywhere, using any electronic device. Whether one is at work, at the café, out with friends or at home, 24/7 access to the market of choice is at their fingertips. To top it off, these websites have put a huge emphasis on safety and security, making them quite reliable.

Information at Your Fingertips

But, the ability to trade is not the only thing within a prospective trader’s fingertips. Thanks to the power of the internet, any would-be stock market hotshot is capable of taking a look at the history of the stock market, the price of the stocks, and the predictions that experts have made about said stocks. With that information, they can then make better decisions when they actually start to participate on the market.

The internet has proven to be an invaluable tool in the arsenal of up-and-coming and amateur traders. Through it they can not only look at the securities that they are interested in, but also study the history, the top players and what advice they have for newbies and the companies in which they are investing themselves. The best part is, largely, all of the information can be accessed for free.

And if all else fails, using the social media and electronic communication methods, newbies can even contact some of their trading heroes and ask for advice on how they should proceed forward. It isn’t guaranteed to get you a response, but it is worth a shot.

New and Exciting Markets

Another reason may be the emergence of new and exciting markets. In 2022, investors can put their money on certain industries which did not even exist just a decade ago. The streaming industry is rapidly growing in the second decade of the 21st century and it isn’t surprising that many investors and traders are looking to get a slice of the pie, considering the success of streaming services such as Netflix, Twitch, Amazon Prime, etc.

A whole new market that has emerged in the 21st century is the cryptocurrency market, which in 10 short years became one of the top 5 most popular trading markets in the world. Its origin can be dated to 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, first mined the so-called “genesis block”, and started a whole new era of trading.

Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market is saturated with thousands upon tens of thousands of different cryptocurrencies. And while most of them are not worth a second glance, some have certainly made some people very rich and successful. Among them we include certain celebrities, who have publically acknowledged their support in the rising phenomenon.

Some Closing Remarks

So, with the popularity of trading on the rise, many people who once upon a time might not have even heard of the practice are now reading up on important names in the industry. An increasing percentage of Americans are claiming to be, at the very least, interested in the concept of trading, with quite a few saying that they have already looked into certain markets, if not outright invested.

If ever there was a time to start trading, it certainly would be in 2022, as discount brokerages and online trading platforms have made the practice much more accessible and newbie-friendly than it has ever been. To top it off, it is easier to get started now than ever, as all you really need is a few hundred dollars and a savvy mind.


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