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The Top Affiliate Sites In Ireland

Solihull Editorial 13th Jun, 2024   0

Few countries around the world can boast the sort of gambling connections that the Emerald Isle can. Luck of the Irish is a term synonymous with the country. With so many different slot games and a mythology that often hints at luck and superstition, it’s unsurprising to see affiliate sites in Ireland become a significant route for gamblers looking to find a fresh place to play their digital casino games.

What Is An Affiliate Site?

Some gamblers refer to affiliate sites as review sites – which is how they operate. Affiliate sites will browse through and explore all of the gambling platforms on offer in Ireland and detail the things that stand out and areas where they can improve.

Irish gambling websites are abundant; you don’t have to go far to try and find one online – but affiliate sites have significant experience and knowledge and know what to look for. If they’re put together in the proper format and use people in the industry who know how to write and know what they’re talking about, that’s the hallmark of a good affiliate site. If they have this foundation, they can provide a unique insight into how gambling websites work and save you time if you’re looking to find a new provider.

Characteristics Of A Good Affiliate Site

Reviewing the reviews might sound like an intriguing concept; some of you might be wondering where we draw the line. Will somebody review our review? Will that review be reviewed? Obviously, we’re being tongue-in-cheek, but reviewing the reviews is important. Although some fantastic operators and great gambling affiliate sites in Ireland remain informative and impartial, some will use their reach to promote sites that have paid them fees in advertising.

While these sites are usually fine to use, it means that the affiliate site might not be as impartial as you thought. Therefore, it is crucial to find a site that provides positive and negative reviews for various casino gaming and sportsbooks. Another criterion people look for is a reputable name in the industry.

While we’re not going to sit here and say affiliate sites are household names, usually, if one has been in the business for a decade or longer, you know that they’ve reviewed enough and seen enough of Irish gambling sites to know what they’re talking about.

You can apply broader business characteristics as well. If a site is reputable, it’ll have a good aesthetic, a strong standing, and a good reputation in the business, as well as many reviewers who work for it. So, another thing to look for is our reviewer profiles, bios, and pictures – people

you can find who have years of experience and know what they’re talking about. Obviously, there are newer affiliate sites that don’t have the same reputation or experience but are still reputable and are looking to make a name for themselves.

#1 – OLBG – 8.3/10

Of all the casino affiliate sites, OLBG is one of the top names that has continually appealed to bettors. For Irish gamers who like to conduct a bit of market research before placing a bet with their hard-earned money, OLBG is a popular site they’ll visit.

We won’t say it’s the best affiliate site—because it’s not. However, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got many great resources and reviews to check out. Although OLBG doesn’t have the same sort of reputation as many of the other sites we’re going to touch on today, it offers a range of tipster competitions and individual sportsbook reviews.

While it might seem commonplace for an affiliate site to include sportsbooks and casinos as part of its more comprehensive package, many will solely focus on casino gaming. Again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Still, those affiliates that brand into both are less likely to have an ulterior motive or subliminally promote a provider they work closely with within one specific field of casino gambling.

#2 – – 8.7/10

Our second affiliate site has been in the business since 2011. can be found across dozens of countries that have a strong gambling market. That doesn’t mean that people in Ireland get a more diluted or generic set of reviews. This affiliate site has developed a name in the business as a provider that will put impartiality above all in their reviews. In addition, the layout of their site has a number of key links that help you build your broader knowledge.

For instance, there are references to gambling legislation, Irish problem gambling helpdesks, such as Gamblers Anonymous, and a string of different sections on the site. If you think you’re into a niche area of gambling, such as a specific area of slot gaming – the chances are that this affiliate site has something to offer you.

It’s not just Irish gamblers who are afforded this service – they’ve covered many nations. They are one of the most revered affiliate services in prominent gambling nations, not just in Ireland – and with the global industry set to surpass $1 trillion – there’s a host of countries fueling this growth, not just the Emerald Isle.

#3 – Irish Luck – 8.8/10

As arguably the most well-known affiliate site for Irish gamers, Irish Luck has been around since 2016 and has a team of experts with decades of combined experience reviewing casino sites. Although initially starting as an online slot review site, they quickly branched into other popular areas, reviewing the top horse racing sites in Ireland and eventually moving into every key sporting market in Ireland.

What we most like about Irish Luck is the smoothness of their site – each section is clearly signposted and ordered at the top into suitable subheadings, the colour scheme works well, and they have a section on learning and knowledge that is probably the best of all the affiliate sites we have touched on today.

In truth, each of the casino affiliate sites we have explored is at the top of the tree, with very little to separate them. Still, Irish Luck continues to be one of the most popular affiliate sites for Irish casino gamers and sports bettors, and with good reason.

#4 – Casino Guru – 9.1/10

Casino Guru is our fourth and final pick for today. While some of you who use affiliate sites might not rate them as highly as our other three picks, they’ve got a lot of cool features that genuinely help them stand out. Although some of this ultimately boils down to personal preference and opinion, the features we most like include full gaming guides, ranging from the most basic roulette and slot guides to complex craps and blackjack breakdowns.

More detailed blogs and articles on their site include a deep dive into how bonuses work, the importance of responsible gambling, and a full detailed timeline of their launch since 2015, which includes their restructuring, bios, and descriptions of their team.

We’re not getting sidetracked here. We do understand that the main basis for a top-quality rating of an affiliate site should stem from its reviews, the quality and impartiality that the site exudes, and the way the reviews are written.

However, Casino Guru has that in abundance. They also operate across top gambling markets, such as the UK, Australia, and Canada. While UK markets might focus more on football or other popular sports, affiliate sites have a broader approach to judging individual platforms.

The Irish market isn’t their first rodeo – nor will it be the last – but we must reiterate that shopping around, checking out different affiliate sites, and ideally digesting as many well-pieced-together reviews as deciding on the casino where you wish to play.

Gambling Responsibly

If you seek out affiliate sites and casino and sportsbook reviews before you play, then we imagine you already have one eye on responsible gambling. Market research is crucial. It allows you to understand the pros and cons and the things to avoid in the market. It also helps you implement a wider responsible gambling approach and understand how to identify responsible gaming providers.

Safe gambling is all about control – knowing when to stop and understanding that you shouldn’t exceed any deposit limits you have set yourself. All of the affiliate sites we’ve touched on today have a key focus on responsible gambling services – but if you find your gambling is causing problems in your personal life, monetary issues, or you’re viewing gambling as a way to make money, you should stop immediately, seek help, and stop before it continues spiralling into a desperate situation.

Final Thoughts

Irish affiliate sites follow a similar blueprint as those in other countries. Digital casinos, at their very essence, are a global enterprise, and other than the obvious local differences and nuances—such as playing with Euros or perhaps seeking out specific Irish-based gambling markets like Gaelic sports—the foundation of affiliate sites is mostly the same as that of other countries.

So long as you apply the basic principles, you should be able to identify a worthy affiliate site quickly. A well-laid-out site with a longstanding presence in the market, a number of reviewers, and a number of reviews from dozens of different companies will usually reflect impartiality and a company committed to providing a balanced approach and fair casino reviews.

While these are the components we’d say are most important, you may disagree and opt for a strong social media presence or a site that focuses on specifics, such as detailed Irish slots reviews or casino mini-games, which are a niche industry. Ultimately, knowledge is the most important factor, and by seeking out reviews and affiliates, you’ll quickly begin to grasp the sort of variables that constitute a good affiliate site.

Article written by Joe Reed.

Joe has over five years of experience in reviewing affiliate sites and is attuned to the nuances between the Irish and UK betting markets. His expertise stretches into both casino and sports betting, and he often provides his expert opinions for a number of social media sportsbooks. While five years isn’t a lot compared to some other experts, Joe is keen to expand his experience and understand where the market is heading over the next decade.


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