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The Exact Science of Casino Interior Design

Solihull Editorial 1st Feb, 2023   0

Casinos are perhaps one of the most interestingly designed interior spaces you can come across.

While most buildings are designed with aesthetics in mind, casinos focus on creating a unique area that encourages visitors to stay and play as much as possible.

Well-run casinos can make huge amounts of money off their players, and although it’s possible to win big, the house always wins.

As a result of how much money there is to be made, every casino invests in making sure the interior is perfectly designed to keep people feeling comfortable and having fun.

This encourages them to stay and keep playing, even if they’ve blown past their initial budget.

The subject of casino interior design and architecture is surprisingly complex, and you can read more information about it here.

Slot Design

Slot machines are one of the most popular options in a casino, thanks to how easy they are to play and the potential big wins they can pay out. While they don’t have a payout rate that’s as favourable as many table games, they can reward lucky players with big jackpots.

As soon as you enter a casino, the slots are very hard to miss.

There are normally many banks of them lining the walls, and they’re designed in a way to be extremely noticeable.

Flashing lights, loud sounds, and bright colours help to attract the eye and ensure more people play.

Casinos want players to spend more time on slots, as these games have a higher house edge, meaning the casino makes more money in the long run.

Therefore, slot machines and the way they’re set up are designed to be as effective as possible, bringing in players and encouraging them to spin the reels.

Windowless Casinos

Windows are usually used frequently in interior design to provide more light to a room and make it seem more spacious, bright, and open.

A windowless room would typically look unfriendly and unwelcoming. However, one of the major features of most casinos is that they don’t have any windows at all.

The lack of windows isn’t without a purpose.

The idea behind it is to hide the passage of time. Without windows and natural light, our circadian rhythm can be disrupted, and we lose our ability to measure the passage of time.

While they can still check their watch or phone, there are also no clocks within a casino, as this helps to create a disconnect from reality.

Labyrinthian Layouts

The layout of a casino is designed to funnel as many players inside as possible while also making it difficult to get out.

If a player wants to leave, there are rarely any signs pointing towards exits, although fire exits must be signposted by law.

When moving through the casinos, players will have to traverse a labyrinth of slot machines and gaming tables, all giving players the urge to play just one more time.

At first, this might be frustrating for a lot of players, especially if it’s a big casino.

However, it’s always possible to ask a member of staff for directions, and they’ll always be happy to help.

In addition, regulars tend to get used to the layout very quickly and are soon able to find their way out without needing to drop a trail of breadcrumbs.

Displays of Wealth and Opulence

While casinos are meant to be for entertainment and fun, a lot of people play casino games because they’d love to win big and get rich.

Casinos play on this desire by making the interior design look as opulent as possible, with high ceilings, chandeliers and other displays of wealth.

This helps create a classier environment, while the type of seats and carpets used are meant to make players feel comfortable and relaxed.

Aside from being incredibly fancy, the interior of a casino is designed to ensure that players have everything they need within a short walking distance.

Whether it’s toilets, ATMs, cafes, bars and restaurants, even small casinos give guests everything they need. This helps keep them within the casino, meaning they’ll play for longer.

VIP Areas

Casinos aim to make every player feel catered to and looked after, encouraging them to stay and have fun.

This often means personalised offers or customer service that makes you feel like a welcome guest.

However, not everyone in the casino is equal.

Some are there to spend big money, and the casino makes every effort to ensure that these VIP players have everything they could ever want or need.

VIP areas ensure that high rollers with big bankrolls can feel comfortable about playing in private.

Most of the VIP areas contain higher limit tables and machines, and these are usually roped off.

In addition, staff are far more attentive in these sections, as they want to make sure that high rollers feel comfortable.

Finally, the use of mobile phones is usually banned, as the casino wants to protect player privacy at all times.

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