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Skechers and Their Popularity

Solihull Editorial 20th Jul, 2022   0

Why is Skechers so Popular?

Skechers have often been viewed both as a joke and as one of the best shoe brands of all time. No matter what the detractors have said, though, Skechers are one of the most popular brands on the planet, rivalling the likes of Nike and Adidas.

The question is, though, why did Skechers shoes become so popular, to begin with, and how have they maintained that popularity in the face of serious competition?


The main draw of a pair of Skechers is their comfort. While many have mocked the way they look, it is hard to find a shoe more comfortable. These shows have gone through the same thing Crocs did, they were made fun of, but millions of pairs were still sold.

They are designed to be worn comfortably for hours, not just while you are sitting, and are equally as comfortable while running as they are on the dance floor.


Nowadays, Skechers offer a very large variety of shoes. They have running shoes and lifestyle shoes. Slip-ons, loafers, shoes made from leather, canvas, and almost everything in between.

A brand that offers shoes for men and women of all ages and needs is going to stand out in a crowd no matter what. While brands like Nike have variety, they do have a target market; Skechers targets everyone.


Back in the day, the brand suffered from quality issues that held them back. However, that has changed drastically over the past few years, and now the shoes are made to last, and you can feel the quality when you are wearing them.

We’ll talk about price later on, but Skechers has managed to package quality into every shoe, and customers have noticed that.

Lasting Style 

While they aren’t necessarily shoes that stand out or grab your attention from across the room, Skechers has designed shoes that are simple but have lasting style. The mistake many big brands make is they design shoes based on a trend, and when the trend ends, the shoes go down with them. A prime example of this is the difference in popularity between  Nike Roshe’s and Air Force 1’s.

Skechers are simple, they don’t all have big and bold colours, and therefore they fit into most wardrobes and style choices.


While “specialised” shoes are still as popular as ever, people want pairs of shoes that do more than one job; in particular, shoes that you can work out in but still wear every day. Skechers are not only everyday shoes but there are multiple pairs that are perfect for exercise too.

The shoes are proven to be great for running, walking, and working out, and perfect for people who spend hours at a time on their feet like doctors, nurses, food industry workers and the like.


While they may not be the cheapest shoes on the market, they are certainly well worth the money you pay for them. You will get a pair of shoes made from the best materials, are super-comfortable, long-lasting, and made for almost any occasion.

Another aspect that you may not consider is how well they hold their value. The shoes may be a bit more expensive, but you can get a decent amount for them when or if you want to resell them later on.

Foot Health 

There are too many shoes on the market today that value form over function and can cause damage to your feet. These shoes may be nice to look at, but they don’t provide the correct structure and support your feet need, especially when you get older or spend a lot of time on your feet.

The main problem is that foot health is something you must take seriously now, as once you have a problem, shoes won’t be able to fix it. Skechers provide ample arch and ankle support and are shaped to keep you comfortable and your toes in place.

Memory Foam

The final massive selling point of Skechers is their use of memory foam. The memory foam inserts are one of the best ways to keep your foot comfortable but also ensure the shoe retains its shape and supports your foot one, two or even three years down the line.

Memory foam may be soft and comfortable, but it can also absorb the shock caused by walking or running. Since this shock can cause damage to the foot over time, being able to minimise that damage is a bonus.

Those who suffer from foot pain still need to get around, and conventional inserts can sometimes be too hard or too soft. Memory foam provides support that the food needs, but is also soft enough not to cause further pain.

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