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Biggest Ever Crypto Casino Wins

Solihull Editorial 6th Oct, 2023   0

For the majority of individuals, except those savvy pro poker players, gambling is far from a dependable source of income, particularly when contemplating the prospect of hitting a massive

jackpot. According to research, the odds of winning a jackpot on a slot machine vary widely, ranging from 1 in 5,000 to a staggering 1 in almost 35million.

Nonetheless, no matter how remote the chances of striking it rich at a crypto casino may be, nearly all of us have indulged in daydreams about hitting a monumental win or a life-altering

jackpot. But, it’s not just the casinos over the pond that offer big payouts – Bitcoin casinos in the UK rankedas some of the most lucrative for big wins. These monumental sums of money are

just one of the enduring reasons we derive joy from playing and why progressive jackpot slots

hold a special place in our hearts.

And so, let’s delve into a captivating account of players who defied the odds and reaped substantial rewards.

83,110 BTC on Live Roulette

Canadian rapper Drake, renowned for his musical career, is also a dedicated gambler frequently seen at Stake Casino. He even engages in live-streamed gambling sessions, aptly titled ‘Stake

vs Drake’. During one such session, Drake initiated play with an $8.5 million (£6.9million) balance, a seemingly standard wager for him. Following a series of substantial and fortuitous bets, he multiplied his initial sum, ultimately securing a staggering $27.2 million (£22.5million). In today’s terms, this translates to approximately 83,110 BTC.

11,000 BTC on Crypto Dice

In 2013, a player identified as Nakowa achieved a remarkable feat by winning around 11,000 Bitcoin while engaging in Crypto Dice on the platform Just Dice. It’s worth noting that the value

of Bitcoin in 2013 was significantly lower than its current worth. Nevertheless, Nakowa undoubtedly walked away with a substantial sum, considering Bitcoin’s price fluctuated between

$20 and $1,200 in that year. In today’s money, that same payout would now be worth $330,000,000.

524.7 BTC on Might of Ra

The well-known Twitch streamer Trainwreck is known for his marathon gambling sessions, some lasting a full 24 hours. During one such session in March 2022, Trainwreck wagered 0.023322 BTC while playing the Might of Ra video slot by Pragmatic Play. His incredible luck resulted in a massive multiplier of 22,500x, transforming his 0.2 BTC into 524.7 BTC. At the time, this amounted to approximately $13 million, marking one of the largest online casino wins ever streamed live.

259.74 BTC on Video Slots

An anonymous player identified only as #28ea0d38e1 achieved a significant victory by winning nearly 260 Bitcoin while playing video slots. With a mere 0.1 BTC bet, this mysterious player

secured a progressive jackpot, earning approximately $290,000 at the time. While not in the same league as some other winners, this fortunate individual managed to amass 2,600 per cent of their initial bet in a single day’s gaming.

216 BTC on Troll Hunters

In March 2017, an anonymous female player placed a 0.16 BTC wager while enjoying the Troll Hunters video slot by Play’n GO. Luck was undeniably on her side as she won 1000 per cent more

than her initial bet, ultimately bagging 160 BTC in a single spin. Undaunted, she continued to play and, astonishingly, secured an additional 56 BTC, totalling an impressive 216 BTC in a

single gaming session.

161 BTC on Multifruit 81

A Finnish player experienced a stroke of fortune in 2019, winning 161 BTC while playing Multifruit 81, a minimalist video slot by Play’n GO. Considering the price of Bitcoin fluctuated

between $3,500 and $12,000 at the time, her winnings translated to somewhere between $563,000 and around $1.9million, assuming immediate cash-out. Notably, she continued her

winning streak, adding another 45 BTC to her balance over the course of just two days, solidifying her position among the biggest casino slot winners in crypto history.

55 BTC on True Sheriff

In 2013, a player known as Nickelj made an astounding achievement by winning nearly 55 BTC without any initial expenditure. Leveraging a welcome bonus, Nickelj played True Sheriff. During

a bonus round, Nickelj triggered free spins, and by activating the Max Bet feature, he ultimately secured a jackpot and a profit of 55 BTC.

53 BTC on Live Roulette

Contrasting with many others on this list, a significant crypto casino win emerged not from a single stroke of luck, but through a series of smaller wins during an extended gaming session.

An anonymous player engaged in Live Roulette, leveraging high betting limits and, quite possibly, a considerable degree of skill. In the end, they concluded their session with an

impressive 53 BTC.

49.22 BTC on Lightning Roulette

Evolution’s Lightning Roulette, a popular variant of the traditional casino game, offers electrifying twists with lightning strikes and multipliers. One fortunate player seized an opportunity when their wager was magnified by the maximum 500x multiplier, resulting in a windfall of 49.22 BTC. Remarkably, like several others on this list, this player chose to continue their gaming session and nearly doubled their initial win, ultimately departing with an 87 BTC profit.

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