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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Internal Doors

One of the most common pitfalls of installing internal doors is choosing the wrong size.

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming all doors are the same size.

Measuring the door frame accurately before purchasing a new door is essential to ensure a proper fit.

Choosing a door that is too small or too large results in a sloppy and unprofessional-looking installation. A door that does not fit properly leads to issues with functionality. To avoid this pitfall, take the time to measure the door frame carefully and consult a professional if you need clarification on the correct size.

Another common mistake is failing to consider the swing of the door. It is essential to consider the space available for the door to swing open and closed and any obstructions, such as furniture or walls.

Choosing a door that swings in the wrong direction or needs more clearance leads to frustration and inconvenience. Carefully considering the size and swing of an internal door ensures a smooth and functional installation that meets your needs and enhances the home’s look.

Ignoring the Importance of Proper Alignment

Proper alignment is crucial to installing internal doors, yet it is a common pitfall many homeowners overlook. A door that needs to be aligned appropriately leads to several issues, including difficulty opening and closing, gaps around the door frame, and damage to the door.

It is essential to take the time to ensure the door is level and plumb before securing it in place. The door frame may need shimming or adjustment to achieve the proper alignment. Ignoring this step results in that sloppy and unprofessional-looking installation, which detracts from the home’s appearance.

In addition to ensuring the door is aligned correctly, the hardware, such as hinges and handles, must also be aligned. Improperly aligned hardware leads to issues with functionality and can damage an internal glass door or panel door over time.

Ensuring all components are correctly aligned results in a smooth and functional installation that enhances a home’s look and feel. Attention to proper alignment during installation avoids common pitfalls and ensures internal doors look and function their best.

Overlooking the Quality of Materials

Many homeowners choose doors solely based on their appearance without considering the materials’ quality. This choice can lead to doors that are easily damaged, warped, or worn over time.

Choosing high-quality doors designed to withstand daily use and wear is essential. It may mean investing in solid wood doors or doors with a durable laminate finish rather than opting for cheaper doors that may not hold up over time.

Besides considering the quality of the door, it is also essential to pay attention to the quality of the hardware and accessories you choose. Choosing high-quality hardware and accessories enhances the look of internal doors and ensures they function properly and stand up to daily use.

Investing in high-quality materials means enjoying a long-lasting and attractive installation, adding value to a home.


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