September 26th, 2016

Parking shake-up to wait on new store

Parking shake-up to wait on new store Parking shake-up to wait on new store
Updated: 4:57 pm, May 07, 2015

PLANS for a radical shake-up of parking restrictions in Dorridge have been scaled back for further consideration when the new Sainsbury’s is up and running.

Supermarket bosses have announced that the new store will open at 9am on Wednesday, November 26.

And Council bosses have agreed to look at parking restrictions in a number of phases to allow a better picture of the parking problems in the vilage to be formed.

The first phase will encompass the new development at the heart of the village and will included parking restrictions, a 20mph speed limit, loading and disabled parking facilities, and speed tables.

The roads affected will be Station Approach, Forest Road and lengths of Station Road, Avenue Road and Grange Road, as well as the car park adjacent to the shops at the Arden Buildings.

The effects of these new measures, together with changes to parking patterns influenced by the new Sainsburys development, will be monitored and more parking restrictions may be considered as a result.

The community will be consulted again before any further restrictions are implemented.

Details of the decision and of the first phase of the scheme are available