September 27th, 2016

Muslim cemetery back on table

Updated: 10:57 am, May 20, 2015

CONTROVERSIAL plans for a muslim cemetery in Catherine-de-Barnes have been submitted for the third time.

Borough planning chiefs have twice turned down the application for the burial ground on Catherine-de-Barnes Lane – citing inappropriate development of the Greenbelt.

An initial proposal of 7,000 burial plotys was rejected – as was a scaled-down 4,000-plot application.

But the people behind the scheme have come back to the table again – this time seeking permission to build a 3,333-plot cemetery – and claiming there is a desperate need for a dedicated muslim-only cemetery in Solihull and a shortage of burial plots for the faith.

Trevor Eames, secretary of Solihull Ratepayers, said the application was ‘disappointing’.

He added: “At this stage we see no obvious difference in this application to the earlier plans or for planning to draw a different conclusion.

“The parking for 90 cars and access is much the same as is the impact on the openness of the Greenbelt plus there was concern over pollution of watercourses.”