September 27th, 2016

Hundreds trot along to Shirley Donkey Derby

Updated: 4:59 pm, May 07, 2015

SILHILLIANS turned out in their hundreds for the annual Shirley Donkey Derby at the weekend.

From donkey races to donkey rides and fayre games to refreshment stalls, the event proved once again that it is a calendar highlight for the town.

Observer photographer Jon Mullis was on hand to capture a snapshot of the action.

Donkey racing comes to Shirley for another year. 24.014.014.sol.jm4

Next stop Brazil… Little Finn O’Malley takes his shot. 24.014.014.sol.jm10

Bailly Clatworthy enjoys an ice cream with Sally Salkeld. 24.014.014.sol.jm12

The fine weather meant people turned up in their hundreds. 24.014.014.sol.jm15

Shirley brass band strike up the tunes. 24.014.014.sol.jm17

The Rev Terry Woodruff looks a bit wet after being soaked by Maddison Lavender and Miranda Biddell. 24.014.014.sol.jm6

Liz Mulrey looks pleased with the bear she won. 24.014.014.sol.jm16