September 30th, 2016

Ben and Holly come to Solihull

Ben and Holly come to Solihull Ben and Holly come to Solihull

KIND-HEARTED youngsters at Streetsbrook Infant and Nursery School were paid a visit from the stars of Ben and Holly’s Magic Kingdom.

The Streetsbrook Childcare raised £212 in the ICAN Chatterbox challenge earlier in the year.

They held a Jo Jingles music session in a bid to raise awareness of children’s communication and language development and the importance of singing to support language skills.

Katey Moxley, Streetsbrook Childcare Manager, said: “The children at Streetsbrook Childcare enjoyed a magical adventure with Ben and Holly this week as a result of winning first prize in the ICAN Chatterbox Challenge.

“The children enjoyed a wonderful afternoon dressing up as fairy tale characters and having a meet and greet with Ben and Holly.

“We finished the afternoon with a Jo Jingles party.”